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How to Leverage Storytelling

to Advance Your Cause


August 23, 2023 @ 1PM EST

Marketing is hard, especially when you are asking donors for money.

If you are ready to have a marketing framework you can implement with any fundraising campaign, this webinar is for you!

We will cover the extensive and proven StoryBrand marketing framework and how you can implement these practical strategies in your organization. This framework is simple to use yet extremely effective.

Stop questioning if you are doing it right, and start feeling confident in your marketing and fundraising communication efforts!

What you'll learn:

Join John Mark Vanderpool in this eye-opening session packed with practical tips and inspiring stories, including:

  • Know how to create clarity and reduce confusion
  • Learn why your current marketing efforts may not be effective
  • Understand how to implement the StoryBrand 7-part framework
  • Learn how to start raising more money with effective communication efforts

John Mark Vanderpool Co-founder, Chief of Business SolutionsSocial Impact Solutions


About John Mark Vanderpool

John Mark works diligently to ensure nonprofits and businesses have the marketing, communication, and impact tools they need to reach their full potential. In his role, he works to develop strategies that organizations can deploy so they can achieve success in their marketing, funding, and impact efforts. He has been a StoryBrand certified guide for over 5 years and has the knowledge to help organizations transform their marketing strategies. In collaborative work with the Social Impact Solutions team, John Mark helps you and your organization solve your data and marketing problems so you can start turning insights into meaningful action.

About Harness

We’re a diverse group of individuals passionate about harnessing the power of payments to drive real change in the world around us.

In 2017, the nonprofit sector lagged far behind for-profit organizations in innovation. They simply didn’t have the budgets or time to put into technologies that may not have paid off in the long run. That’s where we came in. As passionate advocates of the purpose economy, we believe in taking care of those who take care of others. And by developing award-winning solutions that reorient nonprofit organizations from one-time revenue generation models to long-term recurring giving models, we’ve helped over 1,000 nonprofits build healthier, more sustainable revenue streams.

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What I loved about Harness was the emphasis on relationships from the beginning of the donation process.

Carey Dougherty

Malta House


The Harness platform has opened up a whole new channel for us to connect with our supporters!

Daniel Hall

Boys & Girls Club


The user experience from both a donor and admin standpoint is fast, intuitive, and powerful!

Pam Fulk

Carolina Tiger Rescue