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Annual Campaigns: 
From strategy to success

Presented by Rex Otey

Recorded: March 22nd @ 1 PM

In this webinar, attendees will discover best practices and strategies for launching successful annual campaigns.

Our guest speaker will provide insights and tips on how to maximize impact, engage the audience, and drive results.

What you'll learn:

In this session, Rex Otey will share eye-opening insights, including:

  • Best practices for maximizing the impact of your annual campaigns.
  • Tips for engaging and inspiring your audience to take action.
  • Strategies for measuring and optimizing the success of your annual campaigns.

Rex Otey Senior Director, Campaign Services


About Rex Otey

Senior Director, Campaign Services

Rex has generated over $100 million for various nonprofit organizations over his 30+ year career. He has led development efforts for churches, nonprofits, and universities.

During his career, he has had the opportunity to work with over two dozen college, university, and private college-preparatory institutions, with responsibilities ranging from directing capital and comprehensive campaigns to the overhaul of development operations. For instance, he reworked Catawba College’s (NC) annual fund program, exceeding their $1.2 million goal each year, and energized Rockford College’s (IL) annual fund, doubling the four-year campaign goal and raising over $10 million.

As a chief development officer and career fundraiser, Rex has met the challenges of managing campaigns, annual funds, major gifts, planned giving, alumni/parent programs, and large teams of volunteers. His energetic, innovative approach and focus on genuine relationship building equip him to revitalize existing programs and create new ones, continually exceeding fundraising goals throughout his career.

Rex’s talents are suited for his role, interfacing with Convergent clients and assisting the Project Directors who serve them.

Simonne Valdez Director of Marketing @ Harness


About Harness

We’re a diverse group of individuals passionate about harnessing the power of payments to drive real change in the world around us.

From the outset, we’ve been unswervingly dedicated to creating meaningful change in the world. Since then, we’ve seen first-hand how the power of payments can make a positive impact – from unlocking life-saving fundraising for nonprofit organizations to fostering closer customer relationships for card issuers.

In 2017, the nonprofit sector lagged far behind for-profit organizations in innovation. They simply didn’t have the budgets or time to put into technologies that may not have paid off in the long run. That’s where we came in. As passionate advocates of the purpose economy, we believe in taking care of those who take care of others. And by developing award-winning solutions that reorient nonprofit organizations from one-time revenue generation models to long-term recurring giving models, we’ve helped over 1,000 nonprofits build healthier, more sustainable revenue streams.

As one of the leading fundraising consulting firms, Convergent Nonprofit Solutions offers capital campaign and annual campaign services for nonprofits.

This webinar is designed for

Executive directors


Board members

Directors of development

Trusted by Leading Nonprofit Organizations


What I loved about Harness was the emphasis on relationships from the beginning of the donation process.

Carey Dougherty

Malta House


The Harness platform has opened up a whole new channel for us to connect with our supporters!

Daniel Hall

Boys & Girls Club


The user experience from both a donor and admin standpoint is fast, intuitive, and powerful!

Pam Fulk

Carolina Tiger Rescue