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[Webinar Recording]

Building Fundraising Campaigns That Work


Recorded: August 17, 2022 @ 1PM EST


What are we raising money for? Why does our “for” matter? How much money do we need to raise, by when, and from who? How do we ask? Where do we ask? Who will help us achieve our goals?

Join Megan Carlson, Harness Director of Customer Success, and Daniel Hall, Principal & Founder of Hall Development Solutions, to learn how to build a tactical roadmap for your monthly giving program with the Harness Playbook.

Workshop Overview

In this hands-on, interactive workshop, you will learn:

  • Build the Foundation for your monthly giving program with a targeted, mission-driven, and branded appeal.
  • Establish SMART (Specific, Measurables, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) fundraising $ goals.
  • Deploy your strategy and mobilize stakeholders to support your program goals with tested and proven best-practice examples of success! 

See why our customers ❤️ us


Harness is one of the most innovative and customer focused companies with whom I've ever collaborated. I would recommend Harness to any non-profit organization. The program simply delivers! And we've not even reached our potential with what we can do with the Harness capabilities.

Danny F.


We've loved using Harness so far and we continue to find more ways we can gain value out of the platform while they take care of our basic fundraising needs as well.

We absolutely LOVE working with Customer Support (which is usually not the case). We worked with Meg who has been an absolute delight!

Ryan C.


We've loved Harness from day one because the Harness team devoted such careful attention to our needs. They've regularly added or improved features, often in response to our direct requests. Admin is easy for non-techies to handle. Text messaging has really improved our interactions with donors. Couldn't be happier.

Rose V.
Communications Manager

We combine all of your fundraising needs into one platform

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